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10 benefits of customization: Why selling personalized products!

If you ever wondered whether it's worth selling personalized products in your online store or not, here we compiled 10 benefits or factors that you can analyze to clear your head and hopefully, encourage you to do so! 💪

Bear in mind that, when writing these benefits, we are thinking of using a product personalizer app with a live preview on your e-commerce store. You could, of course, just add a text box on your product page and ask your customers to send you the specifications to manually personalize that product afterward, but that wouldn't have as many benefits as live product personalization.

10 benefits of producto personalization infographic

So, without further due, let us tell you WHY you should sell personalized products on your e-commerce store, using product customization software!

1. Growing Demand

Product customization is a revolution that came to stay and its market keeps growing daily. Customers tend to prefer unique products rather than regular ones: something that clearly states "This is mine". The demand for personalized products is out there and will only keep growing from now on.

2. Get Ahead of Competition

With the quick expansion of e-commerce, probably you're selling in a crowded market with lots of competition. Today, you can literally have competitors selling from the other side of the world. Being up to date with the latest technologies available can get you ahead of them, at least for a while. What is certain is that if you don't adapt to the new trends, your days are counted, and customization can give you the differentiation that you need.

3. Increase Customer Engagement

If you have live personalization tools in your store, your customers will definitely spend more time engaged on your website. They could personalize any product while seeing a live preview of it, so they will surely play around and try all the different options available before buying. Offer them a fun shopping experience and they will definitely be coming back for more!

4. Win Customer's Loyalty

Receiving a personalized product, done by yourself, that has been made exactly as you created it will impact directly on the trust and loyalty of that brand. If you have a robust solution that allows you to fulfill the products exactly as your customers designed them, you will have loyal customers for life.

5. Reinforce Brand Building

By offering personalized options to your customers, under parameters pre-defined by you, you can make sure your products still represent your brand and style. You can keep selling products that are clearly from your brand while adding a personalization touch. Believe us, if you get it done right, your customers will be happy and proud to have a unique product from your brand.

Screen with product page of a personalized tote bag

6. Get Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When customers are happy, they tend to spread the word and share the experience with friends and family. Nowadays, recommendations and reviews are one of the most important marketing strategies to reach new customers. Personalized products done right will definitely be a great topic for any talk, so you will probably have more people buying your items soon!

7. It's Cost-Effective

Even if you have to pay a fee for using a product personalizer, the cost of it pays for itself. Normally is just a small fee and by adding personalization you can have higher prices that compensate for that new cost. It doesn't compromise your inventory or fulfillment process. Either way, most personalizers have a fixed cost or a fixed % fee, so you can always calculate beforehand if it's a good fit for your business.

8. Justify Higher Prices

It's a fact that people are willing to pay more for a personalized product. Who wouldn't be willing to pay more for a product that's unique and represents something special for you or your loved ones? Give your customers a trusting shopping experience where they can be certain that they will get what they are seeing, and the price gap gets even bigger.

And then it's just simple maths: an increase in your prices, bigger than the increase in your costs, means better margins and higher profitability for your business.

9. Boost Conversions

Keeping your customers engaged and investing time in your website will definitely help with conversions as well. After spending maybe half an hour working on a product design, they will probably end up buying it. Chances are in your favor. This means that having personalization will definitely help avoid abandoned shopping carts.

10. Reduce Return Rates

If you show your customers exactly what they'll get and you fulfill it correctly, chances are you won't have any complaints or returns. Your return rates will turn to 0%.

That's the importance of using good product personalizer software and not just offering personalization options manually. Manual personalization means having a designer who must create the print files with the specifications the client sent to fulfill the product. This is risky, may lead to misinterpretations of the information, and therefore end up in returns, unhappy customers, a bad image for your brand, and so on.

Notebook with shopify admin and a personalized tote bag

🚀 Conclusion: MAKE MORE SALES!

In conclusion, all the benefits listed below lead you to the same place: you will be making more sales. Whether is the high demand for this kind of product, that your customers are happier and more engaged, or the conversions increased, it all takes us to the same point. By adding personalization your business can GROW, and that's the objective right? Isn't it what we all want?

But don't take everything for granted and think things are as easy as installing an app on your e-commerce. It will take some effort from your side too. You will have to invest time in learning how personalization tools work, configuring your products, and marketing them to reach the right people. But believe us, once you are past the initial setup and learning curve, the results are totally worthwhile.

And, as we want to make things easier for you, we invite you to try the best solution to add personalization to your products: Customily Product Personalizer.

Customily is the #1 customizer of the market, the software used by top companies all over the world. Why? Because it has unlimited personalization options, with a powerful template configurator that allows you to create to most complex customizations with a real live preview in just MINUTES.

If you have a Shopify store you can try it by yourself here, with a 9-day free trial.

Customily + Shopify promotion banner

If you are selling on Etsy, you can also access to a 9-day free trial here. And if you're on another e-commerce platform, don't worry! Customily can be used on any e-commerce. You can request a free demo here to see how it works!

But wait 😉 that's not all, there's an extra benefit you should know about! Yes - if you choose the right personalization app - the benefits of selling customized products can be even greater!

📌 Extra Benefit: Automate Fulfillment

With Customily you can add another advantage to the long list we have reviewed today: automating your fulfillment. This means you could be saving A LOT of time and manual work because, with every order you made using Customily, you would receive a ready-to-print, embroid, or engrave file, all ready for fulfillment.

Not only you will have access to this file, but you could also integrate with your favorite print-on-demand provider so they can automatically receive the file themselves! This means that, whether you fulfill your products in-house or use a third party, the fulfillment can be done automatically. Amazing, right? From purchase directly to fulfillment, you could set up your store in auto-pilot and watch as it grows! 🎉

We hope this guide is helpful and motivates you to dive into the personalization world. Trust us, you won't regret it! 😎 Are you already selling personalized products? How has been your experience so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!



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Customily Product Personalizer is the best solution to sell personalized products, both in the e-commerce and the print-on-demand market. With the widest range of personalization tools, free clipart designs, realistic live previews that increase conversions, and printing files that help you automate your printing business; Customily is the ally you need to boost your profit margins in a high-competitive market.

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