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5 awesome ideas to BOOst your Halloween sales! 👻

Halloween is nearly a month away, and if you sell online, you’re probably thinking about how to make the most out of the spookiest day of the year! You know it’s a great season to win big sales, but you need to start working on it ASAP.

Halloween pumpink with trick or treat sign

From dressing up your online store to offering haunted deals, check out these Halloween marketing ideas that you can start applying today to increase your sales in the upcoming month!

1. Create a Halloween look for your store!

This is the first thing you should do! Give your online store a Halloween look by adding images, banners, and GIFs especially designed for this special occasion. “Decorating” an online store is way easier than doing it on a physical one, so you don’t have any excuses!

You can focus on decorating flexible elements that are memorable enough to get customers' attention when they visit your store. For example, you could include a welcome pop-up: Design a spooky welcome pop-up that appears when a customer enters your store for the first time and impress them with a memorable Halloween image and captivating message. Maybe something funny to make them laugh is a good idea to grab their attention!

Also, show the Halloween items that you sell directly on the home page to attract customers' attention. You can also show them on the shopping cart page as a last-minute offer during the previous weeks to Halloween to increase the purchase rate!

2. Take advantage of upselling & cross-selling so your customers buy MORE!

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for shopping, and people are more likely to spend more at this time of the year. On this date is easier to capitalize on consumer behavior because they are not likely to buy just one item, they would likely need the whole package.

For example, if you sell costumes, your clients will likely search for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

The key rule in upselling and cross-selling is relevance. By offering your customers relevant products to what they are searching for, and selling them at a lower price than they would be sold individually, you encourage them to buy a package. If you are looking for quick profits, then upselling and cross-selling are always the best sales techniques to consider!

Notebook with a halloween-themed website

3. User-generated content - let your brand escalate!

Another Halloween marketing idea to boost your company's brand is the use of user-generated content.

Marketing that is created by customers for customers is becoming more and more important as customers have become jaded to advertisements that are only produced in the interest of the companies behind them. Getting your customers to actively participate in the creation of your content not only increases their love and trust in your brand (because they feel a part of it) but also exposes your brand to a much larger pool of potential customers who will be inspired by the content that real users create for you.

For example, you could host a hashtag challenge on Tik Tok or Instagram Reels and create your own filter for people to use!

4. Send Halloween gift cards to customers to promote Halloween!

If you're running special promotions on Halloween, let your customers know at least 1 month in advance that you'll have great promotions, fun gifts, or good deals for them during the holiday week.

You can email them if you want to address only a selected group of users, or make a post on social media for a massive offering! Do your numbers to see what kind of gift card you can/want to offer, but make sure to send it ahead of time. You want to let your users know that great discounts are coming before they buy from someone else! So don’t sleep on this and start preparing your Halloween coupons now :)

5. Offer customizable products that are perfect as Halloween gifts for friends and family!

If you don’t sell specific Halloween items, or you haven’t found a good supplier with lovely Halloween designs for your products, let us tell you something: ANY product can be turned into a Halloween one ;)

Just add a nice spooky design to it and you’ll have a good range of giveaways that people can buy for their friends, family members, or colleagues as Halloween gifts.

Girl with personalized halloween t-shirt

You can use a product personalizer like Customily to create customizable templates and turn your products into Halloween-themed ones, but also let your customers personalize that same design to create a unique gift! Imagine selling t-shirts with a Halloween theme, but also having the ability to let your customers choose what dog breed and names they want to add to the t-shirt. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, with Customily you could do this (and more!) with just a couple of clicks. Don’t miss the 9-day free trial for Shopify and Etsy stores and explore how your products would look if you add any of Customily’s Halloween designs to them!

If you have a different e-commerce platform, you can reach their sales team for more information here.

There are hundreds of Halloween marketing ideas to boost your sales campaign on this awesome day, but not all of them are practical, easy to execute, and effective in the short term. We hope this article gives you the spark you need to get started and get some big sales next month! 🎃👻

Have you tried other marketing tactics for Halloween that gave you great results? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!



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