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Best Print On Demand Personalization: Printify + Customily🔥

Print-on-demand is one of the hottest business models nowadays and it has been a game-changer for the e-commerce world. Thanks to print-on-demand, you don't need to be a big company to sell online. Anyone can sell products online from home and make a business out of it.

And what makes it even more trending (and interesting!) is that merchants can actually sell personalized products and get amazing customization printed on their products.

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About Printify 👕

When we talk about print-on-demand, Printify is one of the top companies that comes to mind. They bring together merchants and the world’s top printing houses to power a new generation of eCommerce stores. Their goal is to help businesses built by ordinary people that bring joy to millions of customers around the globe.

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Who are they?

Printify is a Latvian company founded in 2015, that offers the service of printing, packaging, and shipping to customers around the world. They have the largest global print network, with over 6 million merchants and more than 100 printing locations worldwide, and their catalog is one of the most impressive ones you can find, with more than 800 products.

Why should you choose Printify?

Printify is definitely one of the most complete providers you will find today, but let's understand why in more depth:

👕 Extensive product catalog

They offer a wide range of more than 800 products that include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, accessories, home decor, and more.

Printify product catalog menu

👕 Easy to use

The platform is user-friendly and it easily integrates with Shopify and many other e-commerce services and marketplaces. And what's even better: 100% free to use.

👕 High-quality standards

Quality is one of their four promises. They work hard to provide the best printing quality, avoid defects and monitor cancelation rates closely.

👕 Profitability

Printify was created for sellers by sellers, so they know that every penny counts. They check the top 50 bestselling products every month to make sure the Printify price is the cheapest around.

👕 Shipping speed

They offer some of the fastest delivery times on the market. People love custom products, and they want them right now! Printify works hard to make 90% of their orders in 48 hours and has also developed features like "International Routing" so that your order is created in the closest print house and reaches your customer in no time.

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Now that you understand the advantages of using Printify as your print-on-demand supplier, the good news is that you can add amazing designs and also personalization options to their products with the help of Customily.

With this awesome partnership, you will be on top of your game 😉

Still have doubts? 😊 Let’s see all the competitive advantages you will have by working with Printify and Customily!

💜 Fast and simple product design:

With Customily 2.0 technology, it's very easy and fast to create a complex personalized product. You can either create your own design or use one from Customily's design libraries and apply it to any product that you want. All the personalization options will be generated automatically!

💜 Process optimization and simplification:

You can find the amazing Printify product catalog on Customily, so you don't need to pre-create products on your Shopify store. Just choose a product, add design and personalization options, and publish it to Shopify. Everything is done from Customily App. When an order is placed, it is instantly synced to the Printify platform for processing.

💜 Improve the customer experience and boost your conversion rates:

Customily allows customers to review the live product previews while they customize the product, this helps you optimize your customer care and increase conversion rates by offering them a secure and fun shopping experience.

💜 Free clipart collections and designs:

Customily has a collection of free clipart and designs that you can use to make a personalized product quickly and easily. If you're a Customily user, you can access and sell any of their over 200 designs!

💜 Professional support team:

The support team at Customily is available in both languages English and Vietnamese to help you with anything you need during your personalization journey. Don't hesitate to reach them if you feel lost.

💜 9-day FREE trial:

If you already have a store on Shopify, install Customily and enjoy a 9-day free trial here.

If you're selling on Etsy, you can subscribe to Customily here!

Girl holding personalized pillow with a design of cats

📌 How does it work?

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of this incredible partnership, just follow these simple steps!

  • Register with Printify here and install it in your Shopify store!

  • Install Customily in your Shopify store!*

  • Once in Customily App, go to Store / Settings / Integrations tab.

  • Select Printify and click on ENABLE INTEGRATION.

  • Scroll down and copy the corresponding API Key (you will find it in your Printify dashboard!)

  • Save Settings!

  • Now go back to Customily 2.0 (START BUTTON ON THE LEFT MENU 🚀)


  • Choose PRINTIFY as your POD provider!

  • Pick a product from Printify’s catalog.

  • Pick a design from Customily’s library (or create your own first!)

  • Edit the product (if needed).

  • Publish it and... Start selling!

  • Once a customer makes a purchase, the order will be automatically sent to Printify for fulfillment! 🚚

Ready to start your personalization journey? 😉 You could be selling personalized print-on-demand products in minutes!

I hope this article encourages you to get started with your print-on-demand business! 🚀

With the help of Printify and Customily, selling personalized products is easier than you think. Give it a try and see how your income increases! 😉

Happy selling! ✨

*If you're selling on Etsy you can also sell personalized products and automate fulfillment with Printify! Check our website to learn everything about this new update and TRY IT FOR FREE here!



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Customily Product Personalizer is the best solution to sell personalized products, both in the e-commerce and the print-on-demand market. With the widest range of personalization tools, free clipart designs, realistic live previews that increase conversions, and printing files that help you automate your printing business; Customily is the ally you need to boost your profit margins in a high-competitive market.

Visit our website to learn more about us.

Or try it for FREE on Shopify.



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