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Boost Your Shopify Store with Veda Builder and Customily Integration

Exciting news for Shopify store owners! Veda Builder has teamed up with Customily, marking a significant advancement in e-commerce. This collaboration integrates Veda's intuitive page-building capabilities with Customily's innovative product customization. It's a game-changer for anyone running a Shopify store.

Veda Builder: A Simple Yet Powerful Shopify Page Builder App

Veda Builder is an accessible, user-friendly app designed to enhance Shopify stores. It offers a wide range of templates suited to various products and services. Its biggest advantage? Veda Builder is free for up to 17 pages, offering over 150 sections and add-ons at no cost.

No Coding Needed

Veda Builder eliminates the need for coding skills. With its simple drag-and-drop functionality, creating stunning, sales-driven pages is a breeze. These pages are responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices for your customers.

Veda Builder

Special Templates for Holiday Sales

Veda Builder comes equipped with specialized templates for major shopping events like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Father’s Day, and Christmas. These templates are crafted to boost sales during these peak times, providing more than just page building but a comprehensive toolkit for swift, efficient website creation.

Veda Holiday Templates

Diverse Templates for Every Need

Whether it's a homepage, product page, landing page, blog, article, or cart page, Veda Builder has you covered. It features a plethora of ready-to-use templates that are just a click away. These templates highlight your products effectively, incorporating sections like 'Showcase Benefits' and 'Before/After Compare' to enhance sales appeal.

veda builder templates

More than Just Page Building

Veda Builder goes beyond basic page creation. It allows full customization of your pages, enabling you to add features like subscription pop-ups and size charts. It includes over 25 built-in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools such as Buy More Save More, Frequently Bought Together, and Sale Notification Popups, making it an all-in-one solution without extra apps.

page customization

Why Merchants Love Veda Builder

Shop owners adore Veda Builder for its user-friendly design and robust features. It's an all-encompassing tool, ensuring your store looks appealing and drives sales. The app's compatibility with Shopify, coupled with its free plan, offers extensive options. Users can create sophisticated, image-rich headers and footers, enhancing their brand's identity. The integration of built-in and third-party add-ons elevates the overall user experience.

Customily: Personalization at Its Best

Customily allows your customers to personalize products directly in your store, providing a real-time preview before purchase. This unique feature sets your store apart and boosts sales. Witness the synergy between Customily and Veda Builder in the demo store video below

Special Deal for Veda and Customily Users

Here's an irresistible deal: get a lifetime 20% discount on any paid Veda Builder plan using the code VEDACUSTOMILY. It’s a fantastic opportunity to leverage the power of both Veda Builder and Customily in your store.

veda pod templates


The partnership between Veda Builder and Customily is a milestone for Shopify store owners. It combines effortless page building with unparalleled product customization. This integration empowers you to elevate your store's appeal and uniqueness, drawing in more customers. With the comprehensive tools of Veda Builder and the distinctive features of Customily, your store is poised to stand out and achieve greater sales success.

Happy selling! ✨



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