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How does the image editor work in product customization!

Imagine being able to pick any image that you love, and getting printed over a product. It would definitely be a great gift for anyone. Buying products with a specific image that means something to us is a nice way to celebrate something or remember something special, whether is a person, a moment, or a show that we love.

You can see a cool meme online, upload it to the online store you want to buy from, and place the meme onto a t-shirt, a phone case, or a mug, using the editing tools on the site. Then you place an order with one click, satisfied with your design, and the actual product with your design is shipped directly to your house in several days. This is the process of product customization, which is becoming more and more popular each day.

Phone cases with family photos, T-shirts with your own choice of patterns, mugs with your own avatar... You just need to upload a picture that you like, and then you can customize your own personalized products.

How does the image editor work in product customization

According to a survey, the global custom t-shirt printing market size was valued at USD 3.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.9% from 2022 to 2030. And behind the popularity of customization is the increasingly personalized consumer demand: custom-designed t-shirts are increasingly being used by companies as a modern strategy to brand their company, products, or offerings.

What is customization?

First of all, let's be clear: customization, like its opposite standardization, is not a defined concept. I'm sure no one will dispute that Haute Couture belongs to customization, but today we are talking about commercial customization that includes an assembly line process, not purely handmade goods.

There are two kinds of customization, one is mass customization and one is individual customization. The former means that the company takes the variable parameters of the product for you to choose, and the latter means that you can choose any parameters of the goods at your own discretion. If it is completely personalized from the beginning of the design according to individual requirements, it can be called ETO (engineer to order). Individual customization can satisfy the higher needs of customers, but the cost will increase accordingly. So the choice between standardization and customization at this point is really a balance. It is the company's choice to choose to reduce costs and save money or to increase the level of personalization to create more sales.

Why customization?

Is customization a premium but niche market? No. According to Deloitte Consumer Review, more than 50% of consumers show interest in purchasing personalized products. Customization doesn't mean doing everything yourself, but customization adds an element of personal creation. It's like Lego, where all types of blocks are identical, but can produce a variety of models and even professional moc designers that are unique.

Customized products also have the following advantages:

  • Better prices.

  • Customer engagement with your site and brand.

  • Orders can be downloaded automatically to reduce shipping times.

  • Achieve high levels of personalization at lower costs.

  • Reduced return rates because customers can see what they buy.

customization benefits

Why is image processing particularly important in the customization process?

Most of the products in the consumer market belong to SMB Retail. According to a street questionnaire, the most customized products are T-shirts, phone cases, and stationery, and of course, face mask has also seen a boom after the pandemic.

If you want to design a t-shirt of your own, you can use your own photos or any inspiration you find in your daily life. Like the meme example, we talked about before. But using any random image doesn't always look good when you apply it to a product.

Using a background removal tool, you can remove or change the background color of these images. You could use an image with the removed background as a portrait on your t-shirt. Or you could also put yourself into a meme image with a powerful face-cutter tool.

By offering advanced personalization options to your customers, you will guarantee that your products look great and that they will be satisfied with the end result and probably come back for more. A personalized product done poorly can scare customers away, while a personalized product with high-level detail that looks great can definitely be a game-changer for your business. That's why using an image editing tool combined with your personalization app is a great idea.

One of the best image editing tools you can find is Cutout.Pro. It provides all the image editing & design features that you will need for customized product design.

These in-house developed features include Image Background Removal, Face Cutout, Cartoon Selfie, etc.

With these fantastic editing features, you could cut the main object in an image, generate a big head of adults, kids, and pets to get a funny sticker, or cartoonize a portrait to be printed on a canvas. With the advanced technology and superb quality of processed outputs, Cutout.Pro has empowered thousands of print-on-demand clients worldwide.

The good news is that you can now mix Customily’s powerful design studio with Cutout.Pro technology to create awesome designs for your products, starting today!

customily's design studio

In order to start selling awesome personalized products, just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Customily account! (if you're not using Customily yet, you can easily do it by clicking here for Shopify stores or here if you are selling on Etsy (you’ll get a 9-day FREE trial!), and you can request your free demo here if you have another e-commerce platform.

  • Start creating your first template and add an image placeholder to it.

  • Scroll down to Image Behavior and find the option to use Cutout.Pro, you can choose to use remove background or face cutout with their technology.

  • Choose the promotion that you want to use 🎁 (yes!! we have 2 available promos for new users!!)

  • Click on it, and create your account with Cutout.Pro

  • Get your API Key from your Dashboard on Cutout.Pro

  • Insert the API key in Customily's Design Studio, right where the promotion buttons were before.

  • Finish the design of your product and publish it in your store!

  • Start selling! 🚀

customily and cutoutpro

If you're interested and want to see some awesome product ideas and how to get Cutout.Pro for FREE with Customily, don't miss our latest video here!


Now you know the importance of having a powerful image creation tool in your customized product-producing process and today is the best time to start using Cutout.Pro and Customily!

If you have any nice thoughts or comments on this article, feel free to comment below! 💞



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