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How to Integrate Customily Product Personalizer with Dall-e 3 🤖

The next generation of customized products is already here🔥

In case you haven't heard, the latest AI technology is available in Customily Product Personalizer for you to sell customizable products with mind-blowing images.

But, what does this mean exactly? 😏

In a nutshell, you can now let your customers create images of just anything they want - thanks to the AI image generator technology - and get those images printed in any of the products you're selling on your online store.

A notebook with Customily and Open AI Dall-e 3 logos on the screen

Still confused? Well, let's dive into this new technology by showing some examples! 😍

Imagine you have a Shopify store, and you sell personalized printed canvases or posters.

There are many options to add personalization to canvases: customizable quotes, uploading a photo, customizable street maps, star maps, designs with clipart... you name it. I'm sure you have seen them all already.

While you can still sell all of these and be successful, you can also add another type of personalization to your store and keep updated with the latest trends: AI image generation.

AI image generation is the process of creating images using artificial intelligence techniques, particularly machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are trained on vast amounts of existing image data and learn to generate new, realistic-looking images based on that training data.

While there are different AI image generators nowadays, Customily can integrate with the best of them: Open AI's Dall-e 3 🤖

DALL-E is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI that generates images from textual descriptions. It is named after the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and the Pixar character WALL-E. The name is a nod to both creativity and the ability to transform text into images 🖼️

One of the key features of DALL-E is its ability to generate highly creative and diverse images based on varied and sometimes abstract textual prompts. It has been trained on a wide range of concepts, enabling it to produce images of objects, creatures, scenes, and scenarios that may not exist in reality but are plausible based on the input text.

Now, let's apply this to a real example 😉

We asked Dall-e to generate an image for the following prompt:

"A renaissance style portrait of a brown dachshund wearing a knight armor" and the result was something like this 😂

Portrait of a pet with an armour made with dall-e

Now, what if we mix the ability to generate this type of awesome pet pictures with customizable elements? 🤔

Say, for example, the image plus a ribbon and a personalizable text for the name of the pet.

By combining Dall-e and Customily's technology, you could start selling canvases like this:

Personalized canva with AI generated image of a dog wearing an armour

Isn't this fun? 😂 And the best part, is if you share this prompt idea on your product page as a suggestion, your customers will only need to change the breed of the dog and they can create unique blow-minding images in seconds.

Online store product page of a personalized canva with AI generated image of a dog wearing an armour

Remember all AI-generated images will be different each time! So your customers would be buying truly unique products! ✨

Like these! 👇🏻😂

Can you start to imagine the potential and the impact this could have on your products?! 🤯 AI truly takes e-commerce to a whole new level...

If you're worried about how overwhelming this tool might be for customers (because, yes! they will be able to generate just ANY image they want) here's a little tip:

📌 The most powerful way of using an AI image generator is to pre-think design ideas yourself. Think of clever prompts that will likely deliver fun, attractive images, and suggest your customers use those by slightly modifying some details. Like in the example before, just changing the dog breed to their own.

Here are a couple more ideas of things you can create with Dall-e and Customily, so better understand the potential of these tools combined 👇🏻👇🏻

Pixel Art Canvas 💚

  • AI-generated image with the following prompt:

Pixel art scene with bright colors of a couple view from behind, he is tall with short blonde hair, she is short with brown with long curly hair. They are standing in Amsterdam, with panoramic a canal city view in front of them.

  • Personalized texts so customers can add: Name of the city + Date + Names of the couple.

Personalized canva with AI generated image of a pixel art couple in a city

In this case, you could suggest your customers use the same prompt but modify the looks of the couple to match themselves, and the city they want to be at.

Lego Canvas 🩷

  • AI-generated image with the following prompt:

A colorful couple from behind in Lego art. They are standing close to each other, she has long red hair, he has short brown curls, and they are wearing casual clothes, against a pastel pink solid background.

  • Fix title: Love you to pieces & Building together since.

  • Personalized texts so customers can add: Their own names + Date.

Personalized canva with AI generated image of a lego couple

In this case, you could suggest your customers use the same prompt but modify the Lego to match themselves, and pick another background color.

Amazing right? 😍

There are no limitations on what you can sell thanks to AI... well, only your imagination 😉

But in case you need some extra inspiration, you can check our demo store for more product ideas with AI image generation! 🙌🏻

How does it work?

If you're ready and want to try this out by yourself, here's everything you need to know to successfully integrate your Open AI account with your Customily account, and enjoy the Dall-e 3 image generation features in your online store.

  1. First of all, you need to have Customily installed in your Shopify or Etsy store!

  2. You will also need an Open AI account to generate an API Key.

  3. Charge credits in your Open AI account. You must have credit available to use Dall-e on any platform.

  4. Once you have the API Key, log in to your Customily account. Go to ACCOUNT on the left menu / Integrations / and paste the API Key under "Open AI API". Click Save.

Customily account settings

5. Now that your accounts are connected, go to create a new design.

6. Add an IMAGE PLACEHOLDER to your design.

7. Go to Image Behavior and select Text to image with Open AI.

Customily design studio

8. Add other elements to your design! Like texts, curved texts, icons, and images!

9. Save the design and that's it! ✨

You have an AI image-generated design in Customily, ready to use on any product that you want to sell! 😍

If you want to see a full tutorial on how to connect your accounts + how to create a design + how to apply it to a product, don't miss our latest YouTube video! Watch it now! 📽️

As technology advances, online stores must adopt the new tools available to keep growing. The e-commerce ecosystem evolves constantly, and working with the latest technology available can break or mend a business 💪🏻

The tools are at your disposal 🛠️ and you just saw how EASY it is to work with them!!

You have everything you need to embrace change and adapt to the future, it's only a matter of will 😉

Leap into the future of e-commerce today! 🚀

Happy customizing! ✨



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