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How to sell personalized products on Walmart DSV!

Already selling on the Walmart Marketplace? Let's take your business to the next level by adding personalization to your products! ✨

Yes, you're reading right, if you are a Walmart Drop-Shipping Vendor you can add live customization options to your products using Customily. We're an official Walmart Partner and in this guide, we will help you start selling personalized products in your store.

How to sell personalized products on Walmart DSV

Why sell personalized products instead of regular ones?
  • Offering a fun shopping experience will increase your customer's engagement.

  • A personalized product done right increases your customer's loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, which means recurrent sales and new customers.

  • People are willing to pay 20% for personalized products, which means you can justify an increase in your prices and get better margins on each product sold.

  • Allowing your customers to personalize their products and see the results live, will increase your conversion rates and therefore, your sales!

benefits of product personalization

But first things first, if you aren't selling on Walmart yet and you're wondering what Walmart DSV is, you'd better check this article first. This guide is meant for sellers that are already selling as Walmart drop-shipping vendors (or planning to do so soon!).

Now that we're clear, let's dive in! 👇🏻

What can you do with Customily?

Customily is a product customizer software that gives you the power to personalize any product on your Walmart Drop-Shipping Vendor store.

You can upload your own designs, and let your customers personalize them right from your site, by adding custom texts, monograms, and images that guarantee an amazing-looking product, increasing the value of your catalog.

By integrating your store with Customily, you get the preview tools to allow your customers the ability to see what they'll get while they design, but also high-resolution files of the design they made ready for production, whether is printing, engraving, or embroidering.

This means you'll be able to process orders faster, better, and error-free.

customily clipart options

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe to Customily! You can check all the details of our pricing plan here or request a free demo here!

  2. Get Customily integrated into your Walmart DSV store.

  3. Learn how to use Customily's Design Studio, where you will create your personalization templates to transform your static products into customizable ones. If you need help with this step, we have plenty of video tutorials, a complete help center, and a dedicated support team to guide you!

  4. Connect your templates with your Walmart DSV products.

  5. Publish your products! Now when customers click on the personalize button, instead of a static and boring picture, they will see a real dynamic preview which will change depending on the personalization options that they choose.

  6. Get ready to receive orders! With the Walmart order number, you can now retrieve all the personalization information on Customily, including the ready-to-print file.

customily product personalization

If you want a demo tour of the software before subscribing, don't hesitate to request a demo here. We'd love to walk you through our solution so you can fully understand everything you can achieve with it.

Interested in starting now? Visit our website and subscribe to the plan of your choice! You can be selling personalized products on your Walmart DSV store in a really short time!

We hope to see tons of customization on Walmart soon!
Happy selling! 🚀

If you're already selling customized products on Walmart with Customily and need assistance with your account please contact us at



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Customily Product Personalizer is the best solution to sell personalized products, both in the e-commerce and the print-on-demand market. With the widest range of personalization tools, free clipart designs, realistic live previews that increase conversions, and printing files that help you automate your printing business; Customily is the ally you need to boost your profit margins in a high-competitive market.

Visit our website to learn more about us.

Or try it for FREE on Shopify.



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