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How to create a custom mobile case!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The future of consumer products is customization, so why not start with your own mobile case? From clothes to home accesories, from vehicles to electroncis, customization is everywhere!

We know creating a mobile case is hard because the possibilities are endless! But maybe this examples can help you decide on a style :)

While creating a mobile case desing you can choose between different colors, different styles and designs. You can also add monograms, photos, or even go for a engraved case.

Examples of Photo Cases by Customily

One of the most popular ways of customization is a photo-case. What is more personal and original than a photo you've taken yourself? You can carry that special moment or person with you all day! Choose between a memory with your friends, a nice photo of your pet, or immortalize your wedding day!

If you're a creative soul and you like to design your own stuff instead of using photos, you can always create the case of your dreams with fun backgrounds, images and texts. This is also a great idea for a personalized gift!

Examples of Glitter Cases by Customily

Why don't you try creating your own? Have fun with our demo of Glitter Custom iPhone Case!

Need more ideas? You can also try our demo of Monogram Design

Do you sell mobile cases? Don't miss our software! Get in touch with us!

With Customily your clients can desing their own cases on your own shopping cart, while seeing a live preview of what they are designing. Make them feel special and forget about mass-production designs that get old and boring fast!


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