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Most Popular Canvas Styles to Sell Like Crazy 🖼️

Every home tells a story, and every room has its unique tale to share. Imagine offering your customers the chance to capture their life's special moments on beautiful, personalized canvases that don't just add color and style but also tell a part of their story 🎨

That’s the magic you can bring to your store with personalized canvas art, it's more than just decoration, it's a piece of life captured on canvas.

Let me take you on a little journey. Picture this: a customer walks into their living room and is greeted by a stunning canvas hanging on the wall. It's not just any art; it's a photo from their last family vacation, the one where everyone laughed until their sides hurt. Every time they look at it, they're transported back to that sunny beach, feeling the sand between their toes and hearing the waves crash gently on the shore 🌊 Now imagine being the merchant who provided that piece of joy.

We all have cherished memories, the ones that make us smile just thinking about them. In a world where people are constantly on the go, having a visual reminder of those happy moments can bring a sense of peace and joy to everyday life. Personalized canvases do just that – they turn precious memories into timeless pieces of art 💜

The Best Personalized Canvas Ideas to Attract More Customers

But it's not just about capturing memories. Personalized canvases can also be a reflection of personality and style. Whether it’s a motivational quote that inspires someone every morning, a beautiful abstract that adds a pop of color to a space, or a fancy piece that brings out their playful side, the possibilities are endless ✨

As an online merchant, you have the opportunity to offer these unique, customizable print-on-demand products that resonate deeply with your customers. Personalized canvases are not just another product, they're a way to connect with your customers on an emotional level and provide them with something truly special. By adding personalized canvases to your inventory, you're offering more than art, you're offering a chance to preserve memories and bring joy into homes 🏠

So, let's dive into the wonderful world of personalized canvases. Whether you're looking to expand your product line, increase customer satisfaction, or find new ways to boost your sales, there's a canvas idea waiting for you. Get ready to be inspired and discover how simple pieces of canvas can transform your business and warm your customers' hearts 💖.

And yes, there are countless ideas out there, but don't worry, we'll explore them one by one. 

14 Amazing Canvas Styles to Wow Your Customers!

Buckle up! Let's go!! 👇👇

1. Silhouette Artwork ​ 

Offer a stunning canvas with a gradient background and silhouettes of trees, animals, or city skylines. This dramatic yet simple style is easy to produce and highly appealing. Customers can choose their favorite scenes to make it truly personal.

And yes, as a fan of The Simpsons, I can't help thinking about Silhouette Friday 😅.

The Simpsons Silhouette Friday

2. Splatter Paint

Showcase canvases with a fun splatter paint technique. By flicking paint onto the canvas, you create dynamic and abstract designs. Perfect for customers who love bold, unique art. This playful style adds energy and creativity to any room 🙌.

How about adding a touch of personalization? If you have children, you probably have different sketches and doodles that they have given you with all their love. Maybe there are a few on your fridge door to look at every day ♥. How about turning them into something more than that? A true masterpiece to remember. Just add a few details like a nice title, a name, and a photo, and voila! 

personalized splatter kid canvas

📌 Extra tip: Typography is quite important here. Try to look for artistic and fun options for your customers to choose from.

3. Abstract Color Blocking

Create modern canvases with geometric shapes filled with contrasting colors. This clean and contemporary style is achieved using painter’s tape and is sure to attract fans of minimalist decor. It's a simple yet striking way to add visual interest 👁.

And you might be thinking, beautiful designs! But how can I customize this?

Well, here's a simple idea. Since many abstract artworks use geometric shapes, it's a design we can easily make, plus add a photo and text to make it unique. How about having your customers hang something like this on the door of their children's room? 👩‍👧‍👦

personalized kids abstract canvas

I know, I know. I'm not the best designer, but I'm sure you can do better in a matter of minutes 🙌. 

4. Monochromatic

Focus on canvases featuring different shades of a single color. This style highlights depth and texture, offering a sophisticated and harmonious look. It’s perfect for creating a calming, cohesive aesthetic.

The most common is to see them in black and white, with grayscale. But it doesn't have to be like that, explore all the color palettes you want 🎨.

This is a type of design that can sell very well, it's calm, but at the same time, it doesn't tire the eye. Don't make the mistake of making it boring, look for appealing shapes or even landscapes, which make the monochromatic color palette explore its full potential 🔥.

And, of course, this can be personalized! When we talk about monochrome, we can find portraits, landscapes, and even collages of different photos, keeping a color scale.

5. Nature Imprints

Offer canvases with imprints of leaves or flowers 🍃🌺. This natural and organic style brings a touch of the outdoors inside, appealing to nature lovers. It's a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

Can this become a custom canvas? Actually, yes. We can use flowers and text to make a simple but nice personalization.

mother's garden personalized flowers canvas

6. Galaxy Painting

Take your customers into the cosmos with galactic-themed canvases 🌠. Use swirls of blues, purples, and blacks with splashes of white paint to create a stunning space scene. This style captures the mystery and wonder of the universe.

Can you personalize a galaxy canvas? Well, the short answer is that everything can be customized. A slightly longer answer is that we need creativity and the right tools to do it.

So, if our audience is a fan of stars, the cosmos, and constellations, maybe we can offer a customized option with star maps, like these:

📌 If you want to learn more about star maps, you can read this blog or check our demo store for some inspiration.

7. Text Art

Combine words and art by featuring canvases with quotes, phrases, or single words. This meaningful and stylish art is perfect for adding a personal touch to any room 💖. Customers can choose quotes that inspire or comfort them.

The text has been one of the first customizations that have been made, from just choosing the phrase we want on our canvas, to adding our names or phrases, among other things.

👉 Again, if you get creative, anything is possible. You can create wonderful artwork by combining fonts, and effects, and giving different shapes to your text. Here are some examples of what you could sell in your print on demand store:

8. Ombre Canvas

Create relaxing canvases with soft color gradients. This easy-to-achieve style is visually calming and perfect for creating a peaceful mood. It's an elegant way to mix and match your favorite colors.

It may seem very simple or boring (well, at least to me, but who am I to judge 😅), but it is very easy to combine with other elements. Like this one:

ombre canvas with color details

Or with text (again, very personalizable!), like this one:

personalized ombre canvas with text

9. Landscape

You can offer serene landscapes that include mountain ranges, seascapes, and forest scenes 🌳. These canvases add a sense of peace and natural beauty to any space. The depth and perspective can make rooms feel more expansive, and customers can choose their favorite nature scenes to personalize their decor.

📌 Tip: Landscape canvases look great when they are in multiple pieces.

How can I customize a canvas in which there is only one landscape? Well, there are a few ideas that come to my mind...

How about adding a sign that matches well with the landscape, where you can put the names of the family or group of friends?

personalizedl andscape canvas

Or maybe create your own landscape with customized maps, like this on-trend mountain canvas!

perzonalized landscape map canvas

10. Finger Painting

Encourage creativity with finger-painted canvases. This tactile and personal art style is perfect for creating unique and expressive designs. It's a fun and interactive way to make art 👩‍🎨.

11. Canvases Inspired by Famous Artists

Pay homage to iconic artists with canvases inspired by their work. From Van Gogh to Picasso, offer modern interpretations that blend classic art with contemporary style. This allows customers to enjoy timeless art with a personal twist 💫.

Is this personalizable? Hell yes! Especially with the arrival of artificial intelligence to give us a hand. Based on inspiration from specific artists, styles, or eras, we can create all kinds of images and bring in other customizable elements to create a unique canvas for our clients.

So if your clients are pet lovers 🐾, maybe turning their dog into a Renaissance knight or their cat into a Van Gogh painting might be a good idea for a canvas.

Or perhaps recreate a couple or family in a place they have visited, with a specific art style. How about pixel art? 😉

ai pixel art canvas

📌 Interested in learning how to use AI images to create amazing personalized print on demand products? In this blog, we bring you a lot of ideas!

12. Canvases with Music Themes

For music lovers, offer canvases with musical themes 🎶. From instrument silhouettes to abstract sound waves, these designs resonate with anyone passionate about music. They bring rhythm and harmony to the decor.

And there is a way to customize a musical style on a canvas. Media Players, applicable to different print-on-demand products, have recently become very fashionable and look great on canvas 😍

Yes, you can use images of instruments, but how about a picture of a couple and their favorite song? Or if your child played live for the first time and you want to immortalize that moment? Or if you are a big fan of a band?

13. Canvases with Cities and Places

We have already talked about landscapes, but they are not always of nature. Transport your customers to their favorite places with city and landscape canvases 🌇. These designs capture the charm of destinations around the world. Perfect for travel enthusiasts and those who love urban art.

Can I customize a city canvas? Yes of course you can! The most attractive way and the one that clients are always asking for are maps, but you can simply add text with names or a quote to a city picture, like this:

personalized city and text canvas

But it’s better if you go the extra mile. The beauty of offering personalized products is that you can combine a lot of options to create something unique. From photos, elements, vectors, maps, text, and much more ✨.

As you can see in these canvases, multiple customizable elements can be combined into a single design:

But it is not the only way. For example, you could create a simple design with different photos of cities and street signs, for your customers to place their names, like this one:

city sign canvas

14. Canvases Displaying Photography

Offer realistic and detailed photographic canvases. From candid moments to stunning landscapes, these pieces add depth and emotion to any wall. They turn special memories into beautiful art ♥.

This is a classic for customization. From just an image of the couple, the family, or their favorite pet, to a collage of photos and text that can do an incredible job when decorating a space in their homes 🏠.

This type of canvas is ideal as a gift for special occasions, such as Mother's Day or Father's Day, but it is a product that is sold all year round.

Wrapping up

There are many styles and elements that you can apply to your canvas. It's a product that doesn't go out of style, it's just constantly updated.

The important thing is that the designs you decide to create keep the style of your brand, and are focused on the interests and tastes of your audience.

If you want to learn more about how to offer print-on-demand customized products and attract the attention of your consumers, try the best product personalization app, Customily.

You have a 9-day free trial on both Shopify and Etsy, and if you're using another platform, don't worry, you can request a free demo here.

Happy Selling! 💫



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