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Mother's Day inspiration: Gift ideas to sell in your store!

Mother’s Day is one of the most important occasions of the year for sellers. Similar to Valentine’s Day and Christmas, everyone wants to buy a special present for this day. You will probably have more visits to your online store than on other calendar days because people are desperately searching for the perfect gift. So it’s definitely a great opportunity to gain new customers and grow your sales.

Gift ideas for mother's day

And, with personalization gaining huge strength in the gifting market, it’s also the perfect time to dive in and start selling personalized products online (if you haven’t done it already!)

Thanks to personalization, you can turn any common gift into a unique one, and we are sure any mother on Earth would love to receive a personalized gift from their children! 💕

What could be more special than a gift that was thought and personalized for a special occasion?

Having said that, let’s see some ideas that may inspire you to add personalization to your products, or maybe launch a new collection in your store 😉

Everyday use gifts: for busy mums!

These kinds of gifts are always a great option: they have a friendly price (probably a good fit for any budget!) and are products that are practical and for daily use. Who doesn't want a nice coffee cup for the office, a beautiful planner to stay organized, or a resistant water bottle to take to the gym?

Mugs, tumblers, planners, calendars, notebooks... there are many options of products that look great with personalization!

And what's best is that those type of products works in any market, and they almost sell themselves! Make sure to have a nice amount of stock 😉

📌 Wanna try it out? Check out this fun Dog Mom Mug and personalize it by yourself! 😉

Printable Canvas: a lovely gift to decorate any home!

If you have a nice printing system (or a reliable supplier) offering canvases with photographs is key on special dates like Mother's Day or Valentine's.

A personalized canvas with family photographs is a gift that no one can resist. You can choose something simple to put on a light table, or go big and create beautiful canvas puzzles to decorate a whole wall. The options are endless!

Another option for canvases and posters can be maps and cartoons! You can offer personalized maps a let your customers choose a special place for them. Or even transform their photos into cartoons to offer some original and memorable gifts!

📌 Wanna try it out? Check out this lovely Map Canvas for Mum and personalize it by yourself! 😉

Engraved Jewelry: for the most demanding mums!

This is a classic that never fails. Engraved jewelry is hugely popular and a present that any mum will keep forever. There are different types of jewelry, so you can go from some basic material to something really expensive. If you’re interested in this topic, we recommend reading this article with the 13 different materials used for jewelry making.

Whatever the kind of jewelry you sell, thanks to technology you can engrave it with a special name, date, or even a photo!

📌 Wanna try it out? Check out this beautiful Name Necklace and personalize it by yourself! 😉

Other personalized options that any mum would love!

If any of the options above suits you, don't panic! There are thousands of products that can be personalized (almost anything!)

Here are some other options that we thought any mum would love: personalized t-shirts, personalized pillows with photographs, personalized ceramic plates and trays (you can add some yummy foods on them 😉), or personalized aprons!

📌 Wanna try it out? Check out this lovely Mother's Day Pillow and personalize it by yourself! 😉

BONUS: Mother's Day Clipart Collections!

If you don't have any special designs planned for this day, you still could sell Mother's Day gifts in your store. How? With Customily's designs! If you're a Customily user, you'll have access to the Customily Design Libraries, an amazing collection with clipart designs all ready to be applied to any kind of product and free for you to sell! 😍

So it's just a matter of choosing the designs that you like most, applying them to your product mock-ups, and that's it! You're ready to start selling personalized products for Mother's Day ✨

Check out some ideas of things you could sell with Customily's Designs! 👇🏻

Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to do some work! Get your website ready for the occasion! ✨

Remember to publish some colorful banners sponsoring Mother’s Day, promote your top seller products on your home page and, if possible, run some marketing campaigns!

Here you can find some tips to improve your e-commerce sales and run paid ads that may help you!

And, if you want to add personalization to your products like some of the examples above, or you want to try out our amazing clipart designs for Mother's Day 💞 you can try Customily FREE for 9 days in your Shopify and Etsy store now!!

Not on Shopify? Don't worry! Contact us here and request your free demo! Customily can be installed on any e-commerce platform ✨

The public is out there and willing to spend money on gifts, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance and go get them! 😉

Which are your top-seller products on this special date? Do you use any tactics to promote them? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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