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Introducing Multi-Font and Multi-Color features!

Ever wanted to give your customer a wider range of options when personalizing your products? We know you do ;)

Now there is no need to create different products to go with each style you want. With Customily's new multi-font and multi-color features, you can give your customers several options to choose from when customizing their favorite product.

Upload any .ttf or .otf font to Customily's Admin, set it to the text you want customers to personalize and voilà. The font options you can give are truly infinite!

The same goes with color, just choose any combinations of colors you like and customers will be able to customize your products with even more creativity.

Want to know how Customily's Admin works for creating products with this cool functionality? Just take a look here.

Want to see how Customily could work with your products? Try it now here, or get in touch with us and request your free demo now!


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