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Original corporate gift ideas!

Are you looking for some corporate gift ideas? Need the inspiration to give back your hardworking employees something unique and thoughtful?

The best clients of a company are their employees. They keep your business running and are a big part of your company’s success. Whether you manage a small team of four, or you have hundreds of offices, you may want to thank them beyond paying a salary. If that’s the case, why don’t you surprise them with some useful and unique gifts?

Pink gift box

Most of the time corporate gifts look cheap and end up in some old drawer, you waste time and money buying them and your employees don’t find them interesting or meaningful.

Don’t be limited to the kind of corporate gifts most employees are used to, such as sweatshirts or something they can put on their desk like a mouse pad or a calendar. Show them your appreciation for all their hard work with fun gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary and that they will definitely want to keep using.

Bear in mind that the amount being spent is not as important as the thought that went into the gift. A thoughtful gift that only costs $15 or $20 will be better received by your workers than an impersonal gift worth $100.

Having said that, here you have some great ideas to change the game and surprise your employees this year, even if you have a limited budget:

Sweets in a jar

  • Sweet treats or chocolates, in a thoughtful box or recipient. They will enjoy the sweets and can re-use the box later at home for decoration purposes.

  • If you’re giving away your gifts during the winter season, a warm blanket can be a good option. It can be worn around in the office, on the train, or at home.

  • Stainless steel tumblers, never fail to keep your beverage at the optimal temperature, whether they are hot or cold. Your employees can use them at work or take them around to other places: this gift is useful at any time, any day of the week!

Personalized tote bag

  • Cloth bags. This is always a useful gift, they can be folded down to fit your pocket or purse. You’ll be also doing a favor to the environment since they are eco-friendly and will prevent your employees from using plastic bags unnecessarily.

  • Travel accessory kit for the holidays. This could be a great gift to give your employees the days before going on vacation, to show them you care and want them to rest and have a great time while they are away.

Office table with notebook and office supplies
  • Premium notebook or journal. This kind of gift is getting very popular and you can find amazing designed options for specific dates, like a wedding planner, a birth journal, and much more. You can surprise your employees on a given special date with one of them to help them prepare for the big event.

Inspired by all of these options?

You can go one step further and customize any of these gifts to make them even more memorable.

Write a personal message; add your employee’s name, a date, a logo, or any personal touch like a monogram that shows your gratitude and appreciation. Personalized corporate gifts will show that you care for them individually and they are not just a number for the company!

Office with notebook and office supplies

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Did you ever receive an original gift from your boss or have more amazing ideas to share? Let us know by writing them down in the comments! :)

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