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Print On Demand Essentials: How to add personalization to Printful products

Did you know that you can easily sell personalized products with the help of Printful and Customily? ❤️

These two companies have been partners for over 2 years now, to help merchants sell the most astonishing customized products in their stores with exceptional ease, speed, and quality.

Curious to learn more? 😉

Scroll down to learn why teaming up with Printful and Customily is a great move for your business! 👇🏻

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About Printful ❤️

When it comes to print-on-demand, Printify stands out as one of the leading companies.

They are an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. Whether you wish to create your own online brand or gift someone a personalized t-shirt, they can help you get it done.

Whenever someone—you or your customer—makes a purchase, they will automatically receive the order, fulfill it, and ship it.

Who are they? 

Printful started a long time ago when the owners created an online store selling motivational posters for entrepreneurs. Soon, they started growing and needed someone to help with printing and fulfillment, but found out that no one could match their quality standards, so they decided to launch their own business. That's how Printful was born.

Now they are one of the biggest print-on-demand companies, with over 330 products available to customize, more than 1M items fulfilled each month, and +83M items shipped since 2013. Amazing, right? 🤯

Printful website home page

Why should you choose Printful?

Whether you’re just getting started or are already running a successful brand, Printful is the best partner to help you launch and grow your business.

❤️ Easy to launch, powerful to use:

Printful has everything you need for every stage of growth. By working with them, you can focus less on operations and more on creating something amazing.

Quickly and seamlessly set up your shop with their user-friendly interface, and reach thousands of customers through their powerful integrations. Their top-tier design tools and dedicated customer service team will make managing your business effortless.

❤️ Unmatched quality for your brand:

With Printful you can provide consistent, reliable quality for your customers. Aim beyond your first sale and build a brand that keeps fans returning.

With 99% of all shipped orders meeting the quality standards, they are trusted by the world’s leading brands to fulfill their products, such as Spotify, CBS, Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts, and many more.

❤️ Competitive pricing:

Earn money without sacrificing quality. Printful provides competitive pricing and exceptional value. And you can try their Membership program with a free 14-day trial!

❤️ Work with a partner, not just a supplier:

Printful owns its own production process and fulfills almost all orders at its in-house facilities in Europe and North America.

They take care of quality control, order fulfillment, and printing technology. All while you get global reach, repeat customers, and hassle-free profits.

Choose the simplicity and confidence of working with the most reliable partner 😉

Personalized mug with a map design done with Customily

Now that you understand all the benefits of working with Printful as your print-on-demand provider, the good news is that you can add high-selling designs and also personalization options to their products with the help of Customily.

With this amazing partnership, you will be on top of your game 😉

Adding personalized options to your Printful products is super easy. But before we show you how to do that, let’s go through all the competitive advantages you will have by working with Printful and Customily! 😊

💜 Fast and simple product design:

With Customily 2.0 technology, it's very easy and fast to create complex personalized products. You can either create your own design or use one from Customily's design libraries and apply it to any product from Printful that you want. All the personalization options will be generated automatically for you!

💜 Process optimization and simplification:

You can find the amazing Printful product catalog on Customily, so you don't need to pre-create products on your Shopify store. Just choose a product, add a nice personalized design to it, and publish it to Shopify. Everything is done from the Customily App. When an order is placed, it is instantly synced to the Printful platform for processing.

💜 Improve the customer experience and boost your conversion rates:

Customily allows customers to see a live product preview while they customize the product, this helps you optimize your customer care and increase conversion rates by offering them a secure and fun shopping experience.

💜 Free clipart collections and designs:

Customily has a collection of free clipart and designs that you can use to create a customized product quickly and easily. If you're a Customily user, you can access and sell any of their over 300 designs!

💜 Professional support team:

The support team at Customily is available in both languages English and Vietnamese to help you with anything you need during your personalization journey. Don't hesitate to reach them if you feel lost.

💜 9-day FREE trial:

If you already have a store on Shopify, install Customily and enjoy a 9-day free trial here.

If you're selling on Etsy, you can subscribe to Customily here!

A father and his son wearing personalized t-shirts with a design done with Customily

📌 How does it work?

If you’re ready to take advantage of this incredible partnership and start selling customized products, just follow these simple steps!

  • Register with Printful here and install it in your Shopify store!

  • Install Customily in your Shopify store!

  • Once in Customily App, go to Store / Settings / Integrations tab.

  • Select Printful and click on ENABLE INTEGRATION.

  • Scroll down and copy the corresponding API Key (you will find it in your Printful dashboard!)

  • Save Settings!

  • Now go back to Customily 2.0 (START BUTTON ON THE LEFT MENU 🚀)


  • Choose PRINTFUL as your POD provider!

  • Pick a product from Printful’s catalog.

  • Pick a design from Customily’s library (or create your own first!)

  • Edit the product (if needed).

  • Publish it and... Start selling!

  • Once a customer makes a purchase, the order will be automatically sent to Printful for fulfillment! 🚚

It's time to start your personalization journey! 😉 You could be selling personalized print-on-demand products in minutes!

We hope this article encourages you to get started with your print-on-demand business! 🚀

With the help of Printful and Customily, selling personalized products is easier than you think. Give it a try and see how your income increases! 😉

Happy selling! ✨



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