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The best-personalized products for Father's Day!

Father’s Day is around the corner and hey! Who says dads don’t enjoy receiving a nice surprise for their day as all mothers do? 😉

Take advantage of this very popular occasion and get your store ready to rock some sales! Adding personalization options to your products can be easier than you think, and if you have a good product personalizer app in your store, it’s a piece of cake! 🍰

The best-personalized products for Father's Day

If you’re familiar with the print-on-demand market, you should know by now that there are certain products that will always work great for any special occasion and that people will always love to personalize.

For example, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, and canvas. Just pick any of them (from a trustworthy provider), add some original designs to it, and you’ll have your own small store running in a beat 🤯

But if you’re thinking of a less competitive market, or you already have your own store and are searching for inspiration to add some new products, you came to the right place.

In this post, we collected some interesting products, maybe not so popular in the print-on-demand market, that you can personalize really easily just by using the correct tools 😎

Even if this article is meant to be an inspiration for Father’s Day, bear in mind that any of the products listed below can be used for almost any occasion! Because that’s exactly the magic of personalization, you can transform a simple product multiple times to fit all the events that you need!

Without further due, let’s see some products that could be a great gift for any Dad this year!

❗ PRO Tip: You can click on the product names to try by yourself how each of them looks when you add live personalization to it!!

Everyday-use options, for the working dads

Let's start with some options that can be used every day, like a tumbler to take to the office, a lovely embossed wallet, or a very original watch. A simple object can be turned into something really special just by adding the exact words or the perfect photo to it.

🔹 Stainless Steel Tumbler: Transform a simple gift with lovely photos.

🔹 Blackwood/Maple Watch: Add a special message on the back of a watch.

🔹 Embossed Wallet: Add a name to a wallet to make it memorable.

Handy tools, for the dads that love to do all by themselves

We know there are a lot of dads that love cooking, gardening, and fixing things by themselves. So here are some options for that market that will surely get a lot of sales!

🔹 Grill Brush and Scraper: Add a name or date to this grill set.

🔹 Leather Apron: Put a personal stamp on an apron for the perfect gift.

🔹 Black Steel Knife: Add a name and turn a simple knife into a special one.

Leather options, for the most classic dads

Leather is always a good choice and a gift that will be well received, no matter the occasion. Just be sure to have the proper tools to add personalization to this kind of product and it will be a great option for any business.

🔹 Camera Leather Strap: Add a name to the strap, the best gift for photograph lovers.

🔹 Leather Keychain: A simple gift, crafted with a special message.

🔹 Leather Wallet Case: A phone case and wallet, all in one, what's better than this?

Special gifts, for the sophisticated dads

If you want to go a step further, here are some fancy (and more expensive) options that can also be personalized. When we say that ANYTHING can be customized, we really mean it!

🔹 Cigar Box: Add a name and a special date to this classic gift.

🔹 Rosewood Humidor Bundle: A memorable gift with a personal touch.

🔹 Top Shelf Flask: Add an image or a logo to the flask.

Some extra options, for the forever-young dads 😉

We didn't want to finish this gift list idea without some inspiration for the gamers and sporty dads (the gamer world is also an interesting and growing market to explore!). From apparel to something more sophisticated, here you have some extra options to analyze.

🔹 Racing Cap: A great gift, with a personal touch, for the sporty ones.

🔹 Play Station Wood Cover: The best gift for a gamer, get your PS4 personal and protected.

🔹 Custom Funny Shirt: I know we said about sharing not-so-popular products, but we must make a little exception with this one. This is the perfect gift for funny dads that appreciate a good laugh! Just make sure you have the correct tools to implement this kind of personalization right in your store 😉

BONUS: Father's Day Clipart Collections! 🎉

If you don't have any special designs planned for this day, you still could sell Father's Day gifts in your store. How? With Customily's designs!

If you're a Customily user, you'll have access to the Customily Design Libraries, an amazing collection with clipart designs all ready to be applied to any kind of product and free for you to sell! 😍

So it's just a matter of choosing the designs that you like most (we have a lot of print-on-demand suppliers to choose from!) and applying them to your product mock-ups, and that's it! You're ready to start selling personalized products for Father's Day ✨

Check out some ideas of things you could sell with Customily's Designs! 👇🏻

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to work on your own products! Maybe you can copy some of the examples from this article, or maybe they inspired you to create something else! The most important thing is knowing that, with the correct personalization tools, you can turn any regular store into a customized one. And the benefits of doing so are A LOT! 💫

Remember to publish some colorful banners sponsoring Father’s Day, promote your best-seller products on your landing page and, if possible, run some marketing campaigns!

Here you can find some tips to improve your e-commerce sales and run paid ads that may help you! 😉

And, if you want to add personalization to your products like some of the examples above, or you want to try out our amazing clipart designs for Father's Day 💜 you can try Customily FREE for 9 days in your Shopify or Etsy store now!!

Not on Shopify? Don't worry! Contact us here and request your free demo! Customily can be installed on any e-commerce platform ✨

The public is out there, the personalization market is gaining strength every day, and Father’s Day is a great time for launching new products and increasing your sales!

Don’t miss this opportunity and add customization to your products now! 😉

Which are your top-seller products on this special date? Which one would you add to this list? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!



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