• Martina

The best way to sell personalized products on Etsy

Updated: Apr 15

Customers often want to personalize their orders, especially on Etsy. They want items that are unique to them and their loved ones. And it can feel really great creating something that’s going to mean something to a customer and feel truly special.

However, it isn’t always clear how a customer should make their personalization or how you, as the seller, should collect the necessary information about what the customer wants.

On Etsy, you can help your buyers personalize items by turning on the "Add your personalization" field. This helps buyers let you know what they want to be personalized on an item, like an engraving or pattern. Since Etsy simply adds a text field to let customers type details for their personalization this tends to be a really inefficient way to personalize, and can bring several fulfillment issues, for example:

  • customers can forget to specify an important part of the personalization

  • customers type whatever they want, even customizations that you don't offer or that don't make sense!

This tends to translate on having to add a lot of instructions to make the personalization clear enough for customers to understand. This is quite painful as a shopping process since you need to read a lot of info before making your purchase.

And that's just the beginning. Since once you submit your personalization you have no idea how it will turn out until you receive your order on your doorstep.

It's clear, Etsy's approach to personalization could use some big improvement. So, how are brands thriving with personalized products anyway? Is there an efficient way to do it?

You guessed the answer: YES! And we're gonna show you how.

Adding live personalization to your products on Etsy

You can avoid all the back and forth with custom orders, reviewing all the options (there can be so many!), and work through customer's proofs, by working with a personalization app for Etsy.

When a shopper makes a purchase, the app will automatically add a personalization link to the order's confirmation email, so customers can personalize after submitting the order.

The best part, this link will have a live preview of the personalization.

Yes, your customers will be able to see how their personalization looks while they are making it.

How Etsy order confirmation emails look with personalization.

Some of the benefits this brings are:

  • Customers can make sure they are making the right choices, by double-checking how their personalization looks on your design.

  • You won't have to create proofs for your customers, since they'll see their previews change in real-time.

  • You can add all the different options needed for your personalization, and customers can go through them one by one in a simple way, without having to read any instructions.

  • You can mark options as mandatory, so customers won't forget anything important on their personalization.

How products with live preview work with Etsy.

Some apps, even include the option to generate print ready files from every customer's order. This means you are not only giving your customers a much better personalization experience, but you can save hundreds of hours of work by getting the designs straight from their orders.

With Customily for example, you can get ready to print, engrave or laser cut files. So it doesn't matter if you are personalizing prints, apparel, jewelry, toys, or almost anything, to be honest, we can help you streamline your fulfillment process as well. And, once you have your fulfillment automatically running like a swiss clock you can concentrate on the fun parts of having an Etsy store, like coming up with new designs, building your brand, working on SEO, and a lot more!

If you want to check how our Etsy integration works, just drop us a line and we can show you for free how one of your Etsy products would look like with our personalization tools.