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Top print-on-demand products to break sales records this Halloween 🚀

Get ready for the next big season! Don’t miss this train! Halloween is just around the corner and now it’s the perfect time to start preparing for it 😉

After almost two years of the pandemic, people are eager to celebrate so we bet it will be a great season to do some big sales!

As always, we want to give you all the help we can to increase your sales and grow your business. And this year we have some awesome news: Customily’s design libraries are already available for you to create and sell spooky products this Halloween!! 👻

So, why don’t we take a look at some product ideas for your business?

Combine the most popular print-on-demand products with some amazing Halloween designs and get ready for a GREAT sales season!

Home & Decor

Just like happens during Christmas, in many countries, people love to decorate their houses for Halloween. Therefore, you can expect strong growth in the demand for home decor products.

We’re sure you’re now thinking about the hanging lights and pumpkins, but let's go a little further. Want to see some examples?

Personalized product with a Halloween design made with Customily

Personalized Doormats

This is a great gift for Halloween fans that want to give a spooky welcome as soon as people steps outside their doors.

You can add this amazing design to any mat and let your customers personalize it with their own furry friends!

Not only they can choose between dozens of breeds, but they can also add the names of their pets!

Personalized Pillows

A great gift to give any home's living room a creepy yet cozy look!

There is a wide range of design options that you can apply to a pillow to cover all fronts: couples, grandmas and grandpas, dog dads, cat dads, and more!

Personalized Canvas

A gift that never fails. Add Halloween designs to different sizes of canvas to decorate any home for this special occasion. Then let your customers design their own version of it, by choosing personalized people and pets. The options are endless!!

Personalized Yoga-Mats

This product is not as common as the other ones, but it became very popular lately, especially after the pandemic when people started working out at home.

It's definitely an original gift to give, so maybe you want to give it a try and surprise your customers by offering a personalized version of it!

Personalized product with a Halloween design made with Customily


Who doesn't love Halloween aesthetics? And what if you could wear it in a funny t-shirt?

You can design attractive products that can be used by the whole family, to give to friends, or even to dress up pets. From grandma to the little ones, every member of the family can get their own!

Personalized T-shirts and Onesies

T-shirts are the most popular print-on-demand product, so you can't miss the opportunity to sell some awesome personalized Halloween t-shirts! You can mix and match t-shirt colors, sizes, and designs and create a huge collection!

Personalized Hats and Tote-Bags

But T-shirts aren't everything, right? Even if they are a key product to have in your store, you can still surprise your customers with other kinds of wearables like caps, or even cool tote bags in different materials to go shopping or take to the beach!

Stationery & Accessories

Last but not least, we have forever popular accessories and stationery products. Any of this could make a lovely gift for someone that wants to celebrate Halloween but maybe is on a low budget. Whether your store is big or small, remember it's always a good idea to have a wide range of pricing options to please everyone! Especially in popular seasons like Halloween where everybody may want to buy some presents, even a small one.

Personalized Drinkware

What better way to celebrate this holiday than with jars, cups, and bottles decorated for the occasion? This is a fun gift to give to friends and office workmates! They can pretend to be drinking "blood" from a glass, even if it is tomato juice, so giving this product the right look will support their cause.

Personalized Phone Cases

Custom phone cases never fail, people love to change their cases all the time and adapt them to the current season, so selling personalized phone cases with Halloween designs can't go wrong.

Personalized Stationery

Don't forget about the Halloween fans that not only want to decorate their homes, but also take the Halloween spirit everywhere they go. Products like notebooks, pencils, or even personalized stickers for the office are great options for this kind of customer!

We hope these ideas give you a bit of inspiration to create your own products! There are hundreds of product options for you to try this Halloween so don’t waste more time and start working on them!

Remember that with the help of a print-on-demand provider and Customily’s designs, creating and selling personalized products is super fast and easy. And also that all the products from this post can actually be created AND SOLD in your store! 👻

If you haven’t tried our new update Customily 2.0, install it now! There’s a 9-day free trial for Shopify stores so you have plenty of time to check out our Halloween designs and try them on your products! 😎

If you're selling on Etsy you can also sell personalized products and access Customily's Design collection! Try it now for free here.

And if you have another e-commerce platform and want to start selling personalized products don’t hesitate to request your free demo here.

Happy customizing! 🎃

Do you have any other product ideas for this Halloween to share? Let us know in the comments below! 👇



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