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Transform your business with Customily and Shoplazza ❤️

📢 Exciting news!! Customily has arrived at Shoplazza! 🤝

What does this mean? From now on, you will be able to find and install Customily on Shoplazza's app store and start selling amazing personalized products through this e-commerce platform.

But before giving you all the details, let's make a brief introduction!

sell personalized products with customily and shoplazza

Meet Shoplazza

Founded by Jeff Li, Bing Xia, and Alyson Zhang, Shoplazza is a global e-commerce technology company that provides an all-in-one solution for merchants. With Shoplazza, anyone can build, manage, and operate an online store at any time, anywhere, and with any level of e-commerce background knowledge.

Their growth in recent years has been remarkable, and that's because they deliver an efficient and affordable solution for every merchant.

To illustrate our case, here are some of their numbers:

✅ Close to 400k online stores worldwide.

✅ 150+ market coverage worldwide (with 40% of Shoppers coming from North America and the EU, and 60% from the rest of the world).

Shoplazza is not fooling around. It's stepping up its game in the e-commerce arena, and we're proud to be taking this step with them 💪.

Get to know Customily

Customily is a product personalization app that helps online stores create and sell personalized products.

With Customily, stores can add a variety of customization options to their products, including text, images, vectors, street maps, star maps, AI image generator technology, and more! Besides its wide range of personalization tools, Customily also provides a live preview so that the customer can visualize the final product before making the purchase, and printing files for the merchant to automate the fulfillment process.

By offering personalized products, stores can create unique and memorable shopping experiences for their customers, boosting their conversion rates and reducing their returns at the same time.

What does this partnership imply?

Now, let's be more specific. What can you gain by Customily now being integrated with Shoplazza?

✅If you’re doing some research and interested in opening an online store, working with Shoplazza + Customily can be an excellent choice. This partnership brings you an all-in-one solution to start selling personalized products fast and easily, in an exciting and growing market. 

✅If you already have an online store on another e-commerce platform and are selling personalized products, there are several reasons why you may want to consider adding another e-commerce platform to your business:

  • Larger audience reach: Each e-commerce platform has its own user base and audience demographics. By expanding to another platform, you can tap into a larger audience and potentially attract customers who prefer shopping on that specific platform. 

  • Diversification of sales channels: This can help mitigate risks associated with changes in algorithms, policies, or market trends on one platform. 

  • Brand visibility and awareness: Being present on multiple platforms increases your brand’s visibility and awareness, expanding your reach. 

  • Customer trust and credibility: Doing business on multiple reputable e-commerce platforms can enhance your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers. It shows that your business is established, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

✅If you’re already selling with Shoplazza, but want to take your business to the next level this year, adding personalization to your products can be a game-changer for your store. And Customily is the perfect solution for this, why?

  • It seamlessly integrates with Shoplazza, so you just have to find Customily in the app store and you’ll have it running in your store after a couple of clicks. 

  • You will have access to the most complete range of personalization tools you can find in the market. 

  • You can get to try them all for free for 9 days! 

  • You will also be able to use and sell any of our exclusive pre-made designs, they are all royalty-free! 

  • Or you can have access to our extensive library to create your own stunning personalized designs. 

sell personalized products with customily and shoplazza

Ready to revolutionize your business? Whether you’re just starting out, or you have a business running, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity that the partnership between Shoplazza + Customily brings to you! 

Selling personalized products has never been easier! 

Happy customizing! 💫



Customily logo #1 app for product personalization

Customily Product Personalizer is the best solution to sell personalized products, both in the e-commerce and the print-on-demand market. With the widest range of personalization tools, free clipart designs, realistic live previews that increase conversions, and printing files that help you automate your printing business; Customily is the ally you need to boost your profit margins in a high-competitive market.

Visit our website to learn more about us.

Or try it for FREE on Shopify.




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