We have Per Product and Unlimited plans so you can get -and pay for- exactly what your store needs




  • Free integration on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento 2.

  • Setup of your first preview done by our design team

  • Unlimited access to Customily's Admin Panel to set up your own previews

  • Work with your existing product pictures to set up the previews

  • Dynamic text input

  • Upload unlimited fonts

  • Unlimited Colors

  • Unlimited Sizes

  • Unlimited materials and patterns

  • Custom picture upload

  • Image filters

  • Mix and match configurator

  • API access

  • High priority support

  • 1 hour of video conference training & consulting ($50/hour for every additional hour)

  • Up to 75 GB/month of data transfer

  • Up to 40 GB/month of data storage



  • Work with your existing design templates to set up your production files

  • Download your customers' design ready to print or engrave directly from the order details 

  • Compatible with several file formats for digital printing, sublimation, screen printing, engraving, laser cutting and more:

  • Ai files 

  • EPS files 

  • DXF files

  • PDF files

  • PNG files

  • File rename according to the order details

  • Production file generation fast queue

  • High priority support 

  • 1 hour of video conference training & consulting ($50/hour for every additional hour)

  • Up to 100 GB/month of data transfer

  • Up to 50 GB/month of data storage


  • Custom feature developments

  • Up to 3 store integrations included

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Production file generation in less than 30 mins

  • Up to 4 hrs/month of video conference training & consulting

  • Top priority support

  • and more!


Access to Customily's Admin to setup your own previews and have full control of your catalog.

Unlimited access to edit and update your products' preview.

Full compatibility with your ecommerce platform: product setup, order management, etc.

Seamless integration with your stores theme, layout and language.

White label integration, customers will never know Customily is part of your store.


Fully responsive previews across all devices.


Personalization in Hebrew

Use Customily's Hebrew rendering tools to let customers add their own Hebrew text to your products and preview it instantly.

Social Connection

Make it simple for customers to share their creations with friends on their networks with Customily's social add on.

Personalization in Arabic

Use Customily's Arabic rendering tools to let customers add their own Arabic text to your products and preview it instantly.


*Billed annually or

$300 month-to-month


/ MO.*


Online preview tools

Free integration**

Priority support


*Billed annually or

$500 month-to-month


/ MO.*


Online preview tools

Download production file

Free integration**

Priority support




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How can I add Customily to my e-commerce store?

You can talk with anyone on our team and ask for it! Once we get to know your store and products, we’ll help you find the plan that best suits your needs and we’ll integrate Customily into your e-commerce. The integration is done by our expert team to ensure everything works great in your store.

What do I get when subscribing to Customily?

You’ll have Customily added to your store, so customers can personalize your products online while seeing a dynamic preview. But most importantly, you’ll also get your credentials to access Customily’s Admin Panel ( where you’ll be able to set up the personalization for all your products and designs.

What's the difference between PREVIEW and PRODUCTION plans?

With Preview Plans you have unlimited access to Customily's Admin Panel to set up your own previews. By using your own product images and adding different personalizable elements such as texts, pictures, etc you can configure the personalization for any of your products. Then your clients will be able to customize your products with texts, monograms, fonts, colors, sizes, materials, patterns and photos, all while seeing a live preview of it on your store. Once they make a purchase you’ll be able to see the details of the customizations they chose on your store’s order.
With Production Plans, not only you get all the Customily's Admin Panel features to configure your previews, but you will also be able to configure your production files. Then when a customer makes a purchase you’ll be able to download your customer's design ready to print or engrave. No need for designers or extra times wasted translating what the customer created!

I want a per-product plan, what counts as ONE product?

Each product page you have on your store will count as a product.
For example, let's imagine you sell custom phone cases. If you have several phone cases designs on different pages, they will count as different products.
However, if you have a phone case model available in different colors or sizes with options listed in the same listing (for example with variants) everything would be in the same product page so it counts as ONE product.

Are there any integration costs?

This depends on your e-commerce platform. If you work with Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, the standard integration is always included in our price plans. If integration with your store requires modifications due to complexities of your theme or third-party apps, then a custom integration fee will apply.
On the other hand, if your store is built on a different platform the integration will require special development. This translates into a one-time integration fee that is not included in our plans.

Do you charge commissions?

NO! What you see on our plan descriptions is everything you need to know. No hidden costs at the end of the month, no commissions, no surprises! If you choose a plan you will pay that exact amount monthly, unless you want to upgrade it :)

What are the payment options?

Our payments are processed through PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover).

What if I have multiple stores, is there any discount?

Yes! We offer multi-license discounts if you want to have Customily working on several stores (different URLs). This is a 15% cumulative discount over every new store. For example if you subscribe to our $300 plan for 3 stores, you'll pay $300 for your first store, $255 for your second store, and $217 for your third store.

Have any more questions about Customily? Check out our general FAQ or just message us!


Get an exclusive free demo to try all fo Customily's functionalities with one of your products. Understand how things would look from your clients perspective, get a one-on-one walk-through covering Customily's key capabilities, and learn how it can help you increase your revenue.