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Best Mother's Day Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales

Guess what's coming up? You got it – Mother's Day! And who's in the spotlight? Yup, your online store 😉! So let’s chat about making this Mother's Day a hit for your customers and their moms.

Mother's Day is a universal celebration marked by expressions of love, gratitude, and admiration for the women who have shaped our lives in profound ways (at least in most cases). While the dates of celebration may change from country to country, the feeling remains the same: to recognize the dedication and support of mothers around the world.

But that’s not all. Mother's Day is one of the most iconic sales seasons in the e-commerce world 📈. And what more do we want than to give our mothers a wonderful gift after all they have given us? We want to repay them, to show them that we value what they do, to express our love ♥. 

Imagine your store as the go-to place for heartwarming gifts 🎁. From cozy blankets to refreshing tumblers, you've got what they're looking for. Now, let's chat about making it super easy for your customers to find the perfect something for their moms and turn your online store into the Mother's Day hub.

Grab a comfy chair, maybe a coffee ☕, and let's explore some simple tips to make your store the Mother's Day hero 🦸‍♀️

Best Mother's Day Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales

First, a few stats.

If numbers bore you, you can move on to the next section, but I promise you'll be interested to see what we have to tell you here. And it will be short!

People in the US Spent $35.7 Billion on Mother’s Day 2023: In 2023, Mother's Day spending in the United States jumped to $35.7 billion, scoring the fifth consecutive year of growth. This represents a remarkable 12.6% increase over the previous year, making it the second-largest annual increase in more than a decade. What the heck, right?

Jewelry Was the Top Gift Category in the US in 2023: Consumers spent $7.8 billion on jewelry for Mother's Day in 2023, making it the largest spending category since 2015, according to the National Retail Federation. This highlights the importance of jewelry as a timeless and appreciated gift option to honor mothers on their special day.

✅ 47% of Gift Purchasers Are Looking for Something Unique: Every year more and more people are realizing the importance of well-thought gifts. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 47% of respondents are looking for that special, unique gift that really stands out, while 42% are looking for gifts that "create a special memory."

In every case, the idea is to make the mother feel special. The possibilities are endless: from personalized jewelry engraved with meaningful dates or messages to custom-made artwork that captures cherished memories.

Now that we know a little more about the context of this important day, let's dive into some tips 🩷

1) Prepare your store for the occasion.

In times like Halloween 🎃 or Christmas 🎄, it's very common to see houses and stores decorated according to this subject. But why not decorate an online store as well?

From colors, special banners, icons, and, of course, product categories to take your audience straight to what they are looking for!

Think about it, if your store was a brick-and-mortar one, would you leave everything as it is all year round? Or would you arrange the products based on what you know your customers will be seeking when they walk in? It's the same with an online store! Make it easy for them. Add an eye-catching Mother's Day banner that leads them to a special Mother's Day category, and if you can add subcategories, even better. 

mother's day website banner

Rearranging your store is also important for another reason. SEO. Google search 🔍 has shown that, during Mother's Day, "Mother's Day gift ideas," "gifts for mom" and "gifts for Mother's Day" are some of the most searched keywords. This is because most shoppers are not sure what to buy and are looking for gift ideas before purchasing. This is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce companies to promote their products based on the needs of their customers 🙌.

2) Offer personalized discounts and coupons

A classic that never goes out of style. Offering discounts and special promotions 🎫 (or pro-mum-tions 😉) for this date is a great way to attract new customers, and also to engage our current customers.

Don't just give a simple discount for the sake of it, you can offer a coupon on the second purchase, or discounts from a certain amount or quantity of products. It's a resource that you can leverage in different ways!

mother's day exclusive discounts

3) Create product bundles

Following on from the previous point, a great option is to bundle together multiple products and offer a special discount 👟👕👖. For example, a necklace and a bracelet, a T-shirt and a jacket, a pillow and a blanket, or whatever you can think of!

This is very attractive to consumers who do not want to decide on one product or another and ensures higher ticket sales.

4) Add pop-ups

This is a very useful and effective resource, but we must always be careful not to cross the line. There is nothing more annoying than browsing a website, reading the information, and when scrolling you get a pop-up that has nothing to do with what you are seeing 🤦‍♀️.

The best thing is to create pop-ups with exclusive benefits, and if you can, give some sense of urgency, and set an expiration time. Even add a counter so they can take a breath and decide whether to buy now or lose the benefit.

Something that works very well is to add pop-ups (mom-up? Not the best pun, is it? 😅) that appear when the user is leaving the site. This way, you allow them to browse and only act when they intend to leave, inviting them to stay a little longer.

5) Social media posts

There are many things you can do on social media 📱. First, consider your audience. In general, it's not moms who will be doing the shopping, but their sons, husbands, daughters-in-law, and so on. Although mothers are also grandmothers, their daughters will be giving them gifts too.

So, if you're thinking "moms are on facebook," remember that moms are not your audience in this case.

Start sharing related content as soon as possible. Everyone will be looking for "gift ideas for mom" so take advantage of this and create what they are wanting to find. Provide different gift options, combinations with other products, and fun and exciting messages for their moms, get creative!

Try to place your products in a real-life situation to make them more familiar and allow them to see how they would really look. It's not the same to see a t-shirt 👕 on a background as it is to see a person wearing it.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your product photos, you can visit this blog.

Don't forget to share customer reviews to give them more safety 🌟

And if you can go a little further and make ad campaigns, even better. 

6) Also, consider other channels

There are some other channels that e-commerce businesses can try, beyond the usual social media platforms. Some of them even deliver surprising results. 

Did you know that SMS marketing messages get 98% open rates 📲? Or that marketing emails have an average open rate of more than 17% ✉? Native advertising is much more effective than display advertising because native ads don't look like ads. This makes it more likely for the customer to click. 

Before a profitable holiday like Mother's Day, mix up your digital strategy and test different channels. The results may surprise you.

7) Host a giveaway

Hosting giveaways is also a great method of boosting Mother's Day sales and raising brand awareness.

A giveaway is a time-limited promotion in which you offer a prize to one or more lucky participants according to predefined rules 🎁.

If you want your customers to participate and create hype around your brand just before Mother's Day, make your prize really valuable. Consider offering your most popular product or a set of products that would make the perfect gift for any mother.

Keep in mind that the prize must be consistent with the conditions. You can't ask them to fill out a 20-question form or share 10 Instagram stories and then give them a 5% discount. Make their effort worthwhile.

Always remember that running a successful giveaway is not as easy as it sounds. You have to advertise as much as possible 📢, so go the extra mile and encourage customer participation through emails or social media.

mother's day giveaway

8) Create a Mother’s Day email series

📧 Email marketing is still one of the most popular ways to keep customers up to date with your business. That's why sending promotional Mother's Day emails is something you should have on your content calendar weeks before the big day.

Personalized content for your email target groups can drive a 6 times higher transaction rate than marketing newsletters that aren't targeted. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for delivering traffic to your store.

What can you send in these email campaigns?

✅ Coupons and special discounts

✅ Reminders (if there is a countdown, even better)

✅ Best-selling products

✅ Gift ideas

✅ Last-minute deals

✅ Remarketing on abandoned carts

⚠ Warning: You won't be the only one sending email campaigns. At this time of year, your customers' inboxes will be full of Mother's Day promotions, so be respectful (don't send 3 emails per day) and get creative, especially with your subjects and email design. Make it stand out! 

9) Be ready for last-minute mother-lovers

We all love our mothers, right? But, let's be honest. Some of us end up buying for them at the last minute (we've all been there at least once, right?).

⏳ Around 24% of men who bought Mother's Day gifts did so by impulse. So did 18% of women.

However, being prepared for last-minute impulse purchases is only half the battle, so prepare your marketing budget properly and leave some money in that budget for that last week 📅. During those last few days, you may want to move from gentle Mother's Day reminders to obvious reminders.

While it can be difficult to deliver physical gifts at the last minute, consider promoting printable gift cards for your super last-minute shoppers.

If you offer fast shipping options 🚚, be sure to highlight it on your page.

10) Offer product personalization

Personalization is one of the biggest trends of the year 📊, and it's here to stay. Numbers show that more and more shoppers are moving away from off-the-shelf products and opting for one-of-a-kind products.

Even though personalized items are popular all year round, they’re perfect for special events and holidays like Mother’s Day 👩‍👧‍👦.

How can you offer personalized products?

👉 Simple, by installing the best product personalizer: Customily. With unlimited customization options, amazing features that are constantly updated, and a comfortable and user-friendly interface, you'll be selling amazing products in no time, standing out from the crowd.

Customily integrates seamlessly with any e-commerce platform and top print-on-demand providers to deliver fast and easy automated fulfillment and an outstanding shopping experience for your customers.

customily product personalizer

The best part? You can try it for free!

You have a 9-day free trial whether you have a Shopify store or you're selling on Etsy.

Are you using another e-commerce platform? Don't worry, you can book a free demo here and get to know its full potential 💪.

And if you are looking for amazing personalized product ideas for Mother's Day, check out this blog.


Pay attention to each of these tips and your store's success this coming Mother's Day will be like having Thanos' gauntlet with the infinity stones and a few more spare stones 💎✊.

Work not only on acquiring new customers but also on retaining and delighting your current and repeat customers. They are the golden goose.

And most importantly, consider this special occasion as an opportunity to grow your online store. Mother's Day can be a great chance for any e-commerce business.

Ready to break your sales records? Bring it on! 💫



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