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How to sell personalized jewelry online!

Many jewelry stores offer color, size, metal, and finishing options. But what if you could offer something else, like adding your own name, signature, or even drawings with engraving options?

If so, you could find yourself sitting on a very lucrative business venture. Personalized jewelry is highly desired. People are constantly looking for unique pieces to accessorize with, and if you happen to make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, a successful business could be in your future.

Engraved bracelet

If you are interested in turning your personalized jewelry into a huge success here are some tips to help you in your endeavor.

Know your personalization.

Make sure you know the materials that you work with, and the different custom options you will provide. You want to be able to give your customers an accurate description of the pieces that you are selling, and a great personalization experience. This includes knowing what types of materials, gemstones, and engravings you'll use in your designs.

Cufflings with personalization on a website

Personalization prototype created for the Dimples and their unique doodle cufflinks.

Set up your product page.

Once you know what you'll offer, make sure to translate that accurately to your customers. It’s important to remember that the more options you offer to your customers, the more difficult it can be for them to choose what they want. We often recommend limiting the number of available options and making those options as easy to understand as possible.

For example, if you have an item that has up to some fixed options, such as color, metal, or size, add some dropdown variations to your listing. That way, buyers can choose what options they want before checking out. If you also offer custom engraving a combination of drop-down boxes and text boxes makes it easy for customers to order just the right piece. Keep in mind it’s much easier to sell a product that has a personal touch but doesn’t have lots of choices. At the end of the day, most customers want you to do the heavy work for them. Hey, that's why they are choosing your designs!

Personalized necklace on a website

Personalization prototype created for the personalized jewelry boutique Merci Maman

It’s important when setting up customizable items to consider the types of mistakes (oops!) customers might try to make when ordering, and minimize them. So for example, if you allow only monogramming, make sure to set the maximum amount of characters to 3 or whatever amount of initials your monogram design has.

One thing's for sure if you’d like to offer different choices and personalization options to your customers, it’s important to show them how the options will look.

Use pictures that are worth a MILLION words.

Hand with a ring

Get creative with your pictures, the girls at Homini Studio do an awesome job!

A picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much a dynamic picture is worth! This is particularly true if you are selling your personalized jewelry online.

First of all, in order to sell your pieces, you are going to want to capture the attention of your audience. What better way to do that than with eye-catching photos that make your jewelry pop off the screen? So get your picture work on!

In order to take proper pictures, you want to display the items appropriately and make sure that the light is capturing them just right. Make use of display stands or models to properly showcase your pieces and set them against backgrounds that will make them pop.

While pictures will attract the attention of your targeted audience, shoppers are going to want to make sure that their personalization is going to look awesome. Combining good pictures with powerful preview software will make your personalized products pop out. But most importantly, allowing shoppers to preview their monogrammed or personalized jewelry exactly as it will appear significantly helps to boost their buying confidence. What benefits for you? More conversions, fewer mistakes, and a reduced return rate!

A few extra tips

Create your own jewelry niche. Without a specific niche, your online store might remain a hidden gem forever. Doing this won’t restrict you, it’ll keep order within your store. Just like clothing, people shop for specific staple pieces of jewelry. If someone is looking for a statement necklace, they’re not going to rummage through bracelets, earrings, and chokers to find the perfect one.

Jewelry usually makes the perfect gift. Since choosing a gift for someone can often feel like an overwhelming experience, keep the layout of your products clean and decluttered to quickly help customers find what they’re looking for and create a shopping experience they’ll want to return to.

Whether it is jewelry or any other customizable gift, products that customers can personalize are a big draw, but can also be hard to sell. Helping people streamline their customization process on their e-commerce is one of our areas of deep expertise, and we would love to help you make sense of your personalized products.

Pair our strategies for online product personalization with your unique products, and see where that takes you! Please get in touch today about what we’d recommend for your business. With Customily, you can personalize and sell the most beautiful jewelry online. Try it for free on Shopify or Etsy today, or contact us to book a demo with our team.

Happy customizing!



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Aishwarya Ramesh
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