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How to sell Valentine’s Day gifts in your store right now!

What should you sell on Valentine’s Day? There are too many options in the market, and too many companies selling the same stuff. So how can you differentiate from the rest?

The key to surviving in all these crowded markets and special dates will always be customization. No gift ever received will be more special than one that has been customized by a loved one, whether is your partner, your mum, or a friend.

Personalization will give any product a special glow, it can be something expensive like a jewel, or something as simple as a mug. But if it has the right details, we’re sure it will be a lovely and surprising gift 💕

Valentine's presents

There are different types of customizations that you can add to a product. The most important thing that you should understand, is that any regular product that you sell today can be personalized to fit a special occasion!

You don’t need to go crazy and get new exclusive products that you can only sell on a given day. That will probably be expensive and if you don’t sell all of it, you will end up with useless stock and money invested in the wrong place. You can perfectly work with the products that you already sell, and turn them into unique gifts for that special day.

The way to do this is by adding a Product Personalizer to your e-commerce store, letting you add different personalization types to any product that you sell. That way, when the users are in your store, they will be able to personalize your products to transform them into unique gifts, while seeing a preview of them in real time.

And, if you work with a print-on-demand service, it’s even easier! They will handle the fulfillment of the final product, so you only have to worry about creating amazing personalized variants for your customers.

Are you ready? Let’s see some examples of how you can adapt your products for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and start selling them right away!

Tip: If you're not ready to get into personalization just yet, why don't you try offering free gifts to your customers with every purchase they make on this special day? See how to do that here!

Add clipart

The clipart market is awesome and super popular for any occasion, so this is definitely a safe option to explore! With clipart, you can take personalization to the next level, by allowing your customers to create products with truly unique details.

For Valentine’s Day, you could use any of these options:

  • Clipart for couples: Customized hair colors, hair lengths, eye colors, and clothing!

  • Clipart for pets: Did you know that gifts for pets are also a top-seller option for Valentine’s Day? Let’s celebrate any kind of love! 💕

  • Clipart accessories or backgrounds: If you already have some designs that can work for different occasions, you can add for example heart shapes or a romantic background to transform them into Valentine’s Day options.

Personalized Valentines T-Shirt

Add texts

This is super easy and works for almost any product. Texts can be added to a t-shirt, a mug, a canvas, a bag, a pillow, and many more! You can suggest options for your customers to choose from, or just leave a blank space and let them complete the text themselves.

For Valentine’s Day, the most wanted features are:

  • Ability to add the names of the couple

  • Ability to add a special date (day, month, and year!)

  • Ability to add the name of a special place

  • Ability to add a custom quote

Personalized Valentine's Canvas

Add a photo

Photographs are a forever classic, another feature that works really well on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, and it also can be applied to a wide number of products.

If you are offering this feature, a Product Personalizer is key, so the customer can try different photos and see how the product looks before buying. Sending a photo by email and waiting to receive the gift to see the final result can turn into a disaster and ruin a lovely surprise!

Personalized Valentine's Mug

Happy Valentine's Day and happy selling! 😍



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