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Top 7 Best Product Personalizer Apps for Shopify in 2024

Nothing makes a product more appealing to the consumer than being able to customize it as you wish 💫 Think about it, do you prefer a generic product or one that identifies with you, either because it represents you or means something important to you? 💞

That's one of the reasons why product personalization has grown exponentially in recent years, and we're just witnessing the beginning of this growth. Customized products mean something special, both for the person who's buying and personalizing the product in real-time, and to the one who receives a unique and personal gift 🎁

If you haven't yet incorporated customized products into your store, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities (and customers) with each passing day.

So, to get you started on your journey to personalization today, here's the ultimate guide to the best 7 apps you can find on Shopify to sell personalized products!

Girl buying personalized product

What is a product customizer App in Shopify?

Shopify product customization apps allow your customers to change and personalize your product design or components. These apps can range in functionality from simple color swatch selection and custom textboxes, to basically designing products from scratch.

Product personalization apps are essential for businesses that rely on product customization, such as print-on-demand services. However, any store that wants to offer a variety of product options to their customers can benefit from using a Shopify product customizer app.

Top Shopify Product Personalization Apps 👇🏻

Guy with personalized t-shirt top 7 best product personalizer apps for Shopify


1. Customily Product Personalizer

Customily empowers online businesses by letting them sell the best-personalized products to their customers. From t-shirts and hoodies to canvas, blankets, and home decor, anything can be personalized with Customily.

With Customily Product Personalizer, customers can customize their own items by entering in words, uploading photos, and deciding from a variety of design and effects alternatives to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Plus, they access a live preview of the final product before making the purchase so they know exactly what they are buying. And the store gets a ready-to-print file to know exactly what to print, avoiding mistakes and returns. It's a win-win for everybody.

Personalized products from Customily

Why is the best product customization app? ⭐

  • It has live and realistic previews to offer a fun shopping experience to your customers.

  • Unlimited options such as texts, fonts, colors, textures, images, maps, cartoons, face-cutter, removing background, and more.

  • FREE clipart collections and over 200 full design templates ready to apply and sell.

  • Allows you to export ready-to-print, engrave, or laser-cut files! No extra manual work is needed.

  • It can connect with different Print-on-Demand providers to automate fulfillment.

  • It integrates with other e-commerce platforms such as Etsy and Walmart to help you diversify your business.

  • Outstanding support team available to help your products look stunning, in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese language.

  • Live chat is included in the app!


  • Price plan: $49 monthly + usage fees, can be a bit high for starting stores but the features are worth it! All features are available in this plan, with no hidden costs.

Customily Product Personalizer Shopify App


2. Posterly Product Personalizer

Posterly enables businesses to offer custom items, such as prints, canvases, and other wall decorations. Through the Posterly Product Personalizer, customers can personalize their orders by adding text, images, and shapes, and selecting from various design and color choices. This app also provides a live preview of the adjustable options, automatic image resizing, and adjustable pricing for customization.

Why is this one of the best apps for canvas customization?

  • It lets your customers design their own unique products using your designs.

  • Generates print files automatically, no manual work in Photoshop or Indesign.

  • Integrates directly with Printful, Gelato, and Zapier to automate your store.

  • It lets you add star maps, and city maps, and upload customers' own pictures with ease.


  • Customers faced issues running the application.

  • Lack of features, and limited to canvas and posters.

  • Only available on Shopify.

Posterly Product Personalizer Shopify App


3. Zakeke ‑ Customizer 2D 3D

Zakeke lets customers personalize any item in your shop to their specifications. Individuals can customize products with text such as their names, images, statements, and more. They can also choose from a selection of colors and materials.

The Zakeke Product Customizer software offers users real-time 3D renders of what they have created. This way, buyers receive precisely what they desire so that Shopify store owners don’t have to worry about refunds, complaints, or reviews.

Why is it one of the best options?

  • Text and image customization, changing font, colors, dimensions, orientation, and more.

  • It allows you to simulate the engraving effect on your product whether it is glass, wood, or steel.

  • 3D Product Configurator: customers can build their own versions of your products.

  • Real-time 3D and Augmented Reality view of your catalog.

  • Available for multiple e-commerce platforms.


  • Poor customer service.

  • Customers faced issues running the application.

  • It limits the number of views you can offer, depending on the plan you have.

Zakeke Customizer Shopify App


4. Customify Custom Product App

Customify allows customers to store an unlimited number of pictures. Users can save their custom products and come back to them later, providing plenty of time to decide if they want to buy something or not. They also get to see a live preview, so they know exactly what condition the item is in before purchasing.

If your clients live in different countries, Customify - Product Customizer will provide them with a translation tool to translate into their native language. This way, everyone from around the world can use the app without any difficulties.

Why is this one of the best apps for product customization?

  • Works great for store owners who want to add personalization rapidly and easily.

  • Your customer can create their own designs and see the results in real-time.

  • Add multiple images and texts.


  • Poor customer service.

  • Cheaper plans have limited features, storage, and products.

  • Only integrates with Shopify.

Customify Custom Products Shopify App


5. Kickflip Product Personalizer

Kickflip Product Personalizer offers a comprehensive custom product builder for Shopify stores that features real-time previews. Customers will be able to customize product designs and components alike, as well as share their finished designs on social media. Additionally, you will have access to view order data and design analytics.

What does Kickflip bring to the table?

  • Text & image personalization: add text, fonts, images, and logos on the product.

  • Multi-component: Add/remove or customize pieces of a product in a live preview.

  • Dynamic pricing: Different prices per option and view a live update of the total price.

  • High-quality previews: Real-time product previews within multiple perspectives.


  • Unlimited product plans are very expensive.

  • Unclear plans and hidden costs.

  • Available in limited e-commerce platforms.

Kickflip Customize Products Shopify App


6. Inkybay ‑ Product Personalizer

Inkybay enables businesses to offer customized items to their clientele, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. With Inkybay, customers are able to add text, and pictures, and select from many design and color choices for creating personal creations. This program has a real-time view of the customization alternatives, automated image enlargement, and the option to determine prices for different tailored arrangements.

Why is this one of the best apps for personalization?

  • Visual configurator & customizer with live preview to sell custom products.

  • Advanced product options and quantity discount features for customized products.

  • Dynamic price generation based on custom design color, size, and option selection.

  • Support any printing methods-DTF, Screen Print, DTG, Sublimation, Embroidery, etc.


  • Customers faced issues running the application.

  • Only available in Shopify and BigCommerce.

  • The starter plan has limited functionalities and only 10 products.

Inkybay Product Personalizer Shopify App


7. Qstomizer App

Users of the Qstomizer app can upload any text, photos, clipart, logos, or phrases they want. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and provides automatic language recognition and translation options.

One of the most helpful features is its customizable pricing based on picture size, shape, and color. Finally, with this printing app for Shopify stores, you can easily craft some beautiful designs on T-shirts, mugs, and more without any stress.

Why is it a great option?

  • More than 200 pre-made product templates are ready to use.

  • Multiple print area shapes and multi sides. Apply price rules and qty discounts.

  • Use AI for removal of background, Google/custom fonts, and power image editor.

  • Bulk variant selector, inventory control, pre-made templates, and mobile version.


  • Poor customer service.

  • Most of their features are available with the paid plan.

  • Setting up the app can be difficult because it requires backend knowledge.

  • Only available on Shopify.

Qstomizer Custom Products Shopify App


How to choose the best app for your store?

You may have heard or read the quote "Content is king". This is certainly true. But personalization is a close second 😉

So, if you haven't incorporated any tools for this yet, it won't be long before you will be forced to do so when all your competition is beating you in the race. Why not go ahead and score points today? 🏃🏻‍♂️

Before we go into the specifics, there is one innovative way to decide what Shopify apps to choose, check what others are using. How? Just use a tool that detects what Shopify apps are being used and decide if their setup might work for you as well.

Let's see what factors should be taken into account to choose the best solution for your Shopify store:

Customer Care

Personalization is a one-way street that you will never want to give up. But no one said it's an easy road.

You'll need help in the process to get the most out of it, so make sure you choose an App that provides good care and accompany you on that journey.


We are talking about Shopify apps today. But tomorrow you may want to grow and develop your store on another platform to expand your business or even create your own. Something to take into account, in this case, is that the customization service you choose is able to integrate with other platforms.


Continuing with the previous point, this is not a decision to take lightly. We want your business to grow, and for that, you need a solid partner who has the capacity to support your current business and a much bigger one.


When weighing the cost of an application, you should consider both the initial expense and any recurring charges. Most customization software uses a freemium model, with some features offered free of charge and additional capabilities available for a fee. Be aware of hidden costs and sales fees, you don't want to get a surprise at the end of the month.

User Experience

Since you will be using the app on a daily basis, it is not advisable to choose one that will give you a lot of headaches.

All of them will have their learning curve, but it is important that you feel comfortable with the interface.

Remember, the best product customization app for your Shopify store depends on your specific requirements and the size of your business. Take these points into account and keep an open mind when choosing! 💞

We hope you make the best decision and can start personalizing the world today! 💫



Customily product personalizer logo

Customily Product Personalizer is the best solution to sell personalized products, both in the e-commerce and the print-on-demand market. With the widest range of personalization tools, free clipart designs, realistic live previews that increase conversions, and printing files that help you automate your printing business; Customily is the ally you need to boost your profit margins in a high-competitive market.

Visit our website to learn more about us.

Or try it for FREE on Shopify.




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